The Dumas Difference: 2020 Happy Hol...

The Dumas Difference: 2020 Happy Holidays & Year-End Final Thoughts

December 16, 2020

Another year – another challenge.  2020 will be remembered for generations as one of humanity’s many wake up calls, where the action(s) of few affected so many, shifting world order.  The economic and social disruption of this pandemic has caused unforeseen challenges, which has impacted all of us.  More than ever, I would like to remind you all that social distancing is still important. Please continue leveraging technology and virtual meetings as a means of communication, or just call a loved one, as it is the selfless acts that are most endearing.

We at Dumas in recent years, have developed a robust business model which now is being battle tested by Covid-19, yet the results speak for themselves.  We are exceeding our clients, employees and shareholders requirement(s) in tandem with rolling out the largest “ready fleet” buildup in our history.  These ready fleets are strategic for positioning us in the marketplace as the “go to” when mining companies need a mine contractor with predictable high performance and where “facts matter”. We have all done our part to ensure that our company, our clients and our employees are safe, thank you all!

I truly wish you all a safe and festive season and the very best for 2021.

As always, I am proud to be by your side and will continue to do my part. The Dumas Team, the Dumas Clients, the “Dumas Difference”, “Dumas Rocks”!

Rick LaBelle
President and Chief Executive Officer

Ken Donner
Vice President, Operations, Pure Gold
Since arriving on our site 18 months ago, Dumas has maintained a stellar safety record and has focused on delivering a quality job. They have integrated well into our site team and work collaboratively with Pure Gold and the other contractors on site. The Dumas personnel on site are professional and upper management has been very responsive to our requirements as the project has developed.
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