The Dumas Difference: Happy Holidays ...

The Dumas Difference: Happy Holidays & Year-End Final Thoughts

December 23, 2019

Wishing a safe and festive season to you, your families and friends.

Wow, another year has passed, yet it feels like a month. My previous two Christmas letters talked about Dumas’ challenges. Our owners, although remaining supportive, were discouraged by low industry returns and volatility. We all agreed it was time to be trailblazers!

Together, we made some tough decisions in 2019, such as focusing on and working with clients who share similar beliefs and values including “contractors need to make money too!”

While the industry (with our help), is slowly changing, Dumas has completed a rather big step change. We have found and developed a portfolio of stable, like-minded clients and together, we have re-shaped Dumas, completing the largest long-term positive transformation in Dumas’ history.

Highlights are as follows:

  1.  We are now negotiating most of our new business. Yes, it takes time, resources and significant upfront work, but we have lowered the risk in our project portfolio. Interestingly enough, our clients have never been so happy and willing to provide multi-year extensions.
  2. For the first time in history we are self-funding the re-build of our equipment fleet. We have strategically taken the position to always have 1.5 full fleet(s) ready to go, which enables Dumas to secure higher-margin/lower-risk projects.
  3. The Dumas way is safety first and to consider the welfare of the entire team in decision making. In 2019, we’ve steadily grown our investment in training and developing the current and future generation. This will be a growing area of focus in 2020 and beyond.

Our 1-2-3 strategy has been noted by our owners, clients and potential clients. Our company has a renewed spring in its step.

I am proud of “The Dumas Difference” and thankful to be beside you.

Rick LaBelle
President and Chief Executive Officer

Ken Donner
Vice President, Operations, Pure Gold
Since arriving on our site 18 months ago, Dumas has maintained a stellar safety record and has focused on delivering a quality job. They have integrated well into our site team and work collaboratively with Pure Gold and the other contractors on site. The Dumas personnel on site are professional and upper management has been very responsive to our requirements as the project has developed.
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