The Dumas Difference: Why an Undergro...

The Dumas Difference: Why an Underground Mining Contractor?

September 14, 2018

Why an Underground Mining Contractor?

People often ask me “Why choose an Underground Mining Contractor?” My response has been the same, time and time again.

For clients: Dumas has operations in 12 mines throughout the Americas and has developed a culture of capturing best practices and leveraging new skills and tools learned in one operation and sharing with other operations almost instantly.

This allows us to become an incubator of new ideas which helps the entire mining industry remain competitive. A contractor has a unique focus on persistently increasing operating margin and implementing exceptional safety practices, which benefits all our stakeholders.

Contractors share assets such as our people and capital equipment between many different operations. This results in minimal sunk idle costs, leading to significantly more flexibility than a mining company would experience by performing underground mining activities itself.

For employees: The steepest learning curve you will ever have is working with a medium size mining contractor like Dumas that operates in all commodities / metals and in various countries.

A contractor has a singular focus “to build a mine by breaking rock as efficiently as possible with Zero Harm to anyone or anything.” Because of this singular focus, bureaucracy never takes root. When it rears its ugly head, we take it out immediately as we simply cannot survive if anything slows us down.

So, if you want to learn as much as possible and be rewarded for exceptional performance, this is the right place to be.

Rick LaBelle

Ken Donner
Vice President, Operations, Pure Gold
Since arriving on our site 18 months ago, Dumas has maintained a stellar safety record and has focused on delivering a quality job. They have integrated well into our site team and work collaboratively with Pure Gold and the other contractors on site. The Dumas personnel on site are professional and upper management has been very responsive to our requirements as the project has developed.
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