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    Toronto Headquarters
    Royal Bank Plaza, South Tower Suite 2301, 200 Bay Street M5J 2J1
    +1 416 594 2525
    +1 416 594 9369
    865 Mountjoy Street South, PO Box 1600 Timmins, Ontario P4N 7W7
    +1 705 360 7773
    +1 705 360 2777
    584 Falconbridge Road, Suite 5A Sudbury, Ontario P3A 4S4
    Boulevard Paseo de la Plata # 1104-J, Parque Industrial Aeropuerto Sumar I. C.P. 98113, Morelos, Zacatecas.
    +52 492 980-0555
    United States
    251 Little Fall Drive, Wilmington, DE 19808
    C.Y. Thomas Li​​
    C.Y. Thomas Li​​ Chairman – G.L. Tiley & Associates Ltd.
    "Dumas is an innovative shaft construction company, they have many years of shaft construction experience and with an excellent track record on construction safety and cost controls.“
    Rick Blakey
    Rick Blakey, Mine Manager - Pan American Silver
    "For 25 years I have enjoyed a professional and personal relationship with Dumas. From my first position as a contractor coordinator to my current position, Dumas has been a consistent player. Solid design, pragmatic approaches to complicated problems and positive client/contractor relationships have been the mainstays of their business. It has been a pleasure growing with them."
    Rob Carter
    Rob Carter - Vice President, Manitoba Business Unit, Hudbay Minerals Inc.
    Dumas Contracting has been an integral part of Hudbay’s mining team at our Lalor Mine. They have provided a full-service lateral and vertical development advance, construction and mechanical team that works closely with our people, embracing Hudbay’s core values and our “one team one vision” approach to work management. Lalor has transitioned from a base metal mine to a gold operation, and mining of the gold and copper-gold zones at current production rates would not have been possible without the full support of the Dumas team.
    Rocky McLellan
    Rocky McLellan-​ General Manager North American Underground Operations​
    “Major Drilling has partnered with Dumas on multiple projects. The expertise within each company have created a synergy that compliments both groups to provide superior performance for our clients on Projects throughout North America.” 
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