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Our Hiring Process
Apply Online
Resume Review
Phone Interview
Hiring Manager Review
Pre-Employment Screening
Onboarding Welcome aboard
01. Apply Online
This is where it all starts. After you have applied, your resume gets stored in our applicant tracking system. Our recruiters will be notified as soon as your resume enters the system.
Cover letters are nice to read but not essential. Keep it simple, easy to read and most important adapt your resume to the job requirements in the job ad.
02. Resume Review
We guarantee that each application and resume sent to us is reviewed by a recruiter. The recruiter will decide if your profile is sufficiently qualified to make it to the Hiring Manager’s desk.
Tip: The recruiter sees a lot of resumes and has less than a minute to decide if your resume qualified for a phone interview. It is best to tell us what you have accomplished and show us how you are progressing in your career.
03. Phone Interview
If you get the message that we want to talk to you, prepare for a 10 to 15 minute phone conversation. We will ask you a few “knock out questions” to ensure that our expectations and yours are in the same ball park.
04. Hiring Manager Review
This is the step where your future manager gets a first view of your skills and experience on paper. If the Hiring Manager decides you have a profile worth knowing more about, you will get an opportunity to connect in a one-on-one setting via phone, Skype or in-person.
05. Interview
Time to meet your potential new manager. The number of interviews depends on the position.
Hourly Positions: This could be as simple as a 15-minute phone interview where the Hiring Manager is able to make a quick assessment of qualifications and explain the role. If necessary this interview could be in-person and last up to an hour. Salary Positions: Hiring Managers aim to really understand your knowledge, skills and abilities. You can expect at least a 1 hour in-person interview and depending on the position, you may be required to attend up to 3 interviews for the management team to make an informed decision.
06. Pre-Employment Screening
If you get this far, you are one of the top few candidates we are still considering for the role. We rely on background checks and pre-employment assessments to ensure we hire an employee fully fit for duty.
07. Offer
If you are chosen as the successful candidate for the role, you will receive a written offer of employment via email.
08. Onboarding Welcome aboard
Welcome aboard! Your first day at Dumas is sure to be a busy one. You’ll meet your new team, get familiar with your surroundings, and jump right into the next chapter of your career!
Bring copies of important documents to complete your hiring package (i.e. banking information, ID, and beneficiary information).
Ken Donner
Vice President, Operations, Pure Gold
Since arriving on our site 18 months ago, Dumas has maintained a stellar safety record and has focused on delivering a quality job. They have integrated well into our site team and work collaboratively with Pure Gold and the other contractors on site. The Dumas personnel on site are professional and upper management has been very responsive to our requirements as the project has developed.
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