Mine Development

From exploration, initial site access and clearing through to preproduction and production development, Dumas is the choice for end-to-end project development.

Dumas has particular experience in the following areas of underground mine development:

Shaft Sinking

Dumas is one of Canada’s leading shaft sinking contractors and the sole shaft-sinking contractor in Peru. From the heights of the Peruvian Andes to the extremities of the deepest metalliferous mine in North America, Dumas has the experience and knowledge to provide all shaft services.

Lateral Development

Dumas’ crews of experienced miners can provide track and trackless development of any size. We safely and responsibly accelerate the lateral development process to ensure efficient and timely access to the ore bodies to meet our clients’ expected production targets. 


Dumas is a leading provider of conventional open raising methods and mechanized raise climbing. We can design and construct ventilation, manways, ore pass and waste pass raises. Our mechanized raise climbers are used in some of the deepest mines in North America and have successfully completed some of the most challenging raises on the continent.

Raise Boring

Through an exclusive partnership with Bergteamet, Dumas is able to provide world-class raise boring capability to our clients. This partnership provides Dumas’ clients with access to modern and advanced raise boring equipment to deliver the most efficient solutions. This includes the latest bore string technology and machinery, allowing bore diameters up to 7 metres at the same pace previously only possible for much smaller shafts. With the capacity to drill holes up to 7 metres in diameter and more than 750 metres in length, this capability optimizes mine design, efficiency, and cost savings.

Longhole Drilling

Through an exclusive partnership with Taurus Drilling, we are also able to offer specialty production and longhole drilling services. The drill technology we offer allows for higher productivity, lower costs, and safer production. From utility holes to drop raises and small ventilation raises, our longhole drilling services maintain the highest level of accuracy to save considerable time and resources.