Lalor Mine
Client: HudBay Minerals
Commodity: Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Gold (Au)
Mine Development, Shaft Sinking, Engineering
Manitoba, Canada

In April 2011, Dumas was awarded the contract to sink the production shaft at HudBay Minerals’ Lalor Project. Crews sunk a 6.7 metre diameter concrete lined shaft to a final depth of 1,000 metres, which was completed in 2014. The shaft was sunk “bald” with shaft furnishings installed afterward.

In addition to sinking the shaft, Dumas was responsible for engineering deliverables, including hoist and winch arrangements, galloway sheave arrangements, bucket loading and dump arrangements, sinking conveyances, electrical and all support components.

Dumas returned in 2016 to undertake Development Mining Services for Lalor Mine; the project consists of manpower and equipment to excavate ramp and levels. The contract was originally for 2,900 metres of development (5.0 metres x 6.0 metres); however, due to performance and productivity, Dumas crews remain on site.