Minto Mine
Client: Capstone Mining Corporation
Commodity: Copper (Cu), Gold (Au)
Mine Development
Yukon, Canada

In 2012, Dumas commenced work at Minto, a Yukon-based copper mine owned by Capstone Mining Corporation. Originally an open-pit operation, Capstone engaged Dumas to develop Minto into an underground ramp-access portal mine.

Our original scope of work at the site consisted of two work packages: the first was development, longhole drilling and production mucking in the 118 zone. The second package was for work in the M Zone involving drill, blast, and production mucking services. Additionally, Dumas provided mechanical, electrical and engineering services to the mine.

Dumas’ current scope of work at Minto consists of development in the Minto East Zone, production drilling, loading, and blasting in the ore zone, as well as waste removal.

Despite severely cold temperatures down to -45 degrees Celsius, our employees have persevered, achieving more than five years with no LTI’s.