Why Join Dumas

Why Join Dumas

Why should you join Dumas?

#1 Join a First-Choice Team

The essence of our company is our people. Our unique identity is derived from the impact of many individuals on one team, with one purpose. We take pride in our major accomplishments, and there are many we can share, but each and every accomplishment and significant milestone is and has been constantly driven to fruition by the numerous contributions of our team members.

#2 Contribute to Career Transforming Projects

Our project portfolio speaks for itself. If you are looking for project work that will challenge your capacity to grow and develop and afford you the opportunities to raise the bar, Dumas offers the right mix of work assignments to take your career to the next level.

#3 Safety Innovation and Excellence

Join us on our relentless drive towards Zero Harm. Dumas folks pride themselves on the team’s safety performance. Our many safety innovation awards sure do back up our case that we are, in fact, a leading voice for the future of health and safety standards at work.

#4 Multinational Trailblazer

Dumas is well recognized as a forward-thinking, global leader on the global mining stage. Our work has taken us across the Americas and we won’t stop there. If you’re interested in a career with opportunities to work abroad, Dumas can open the doors to a world of new experiences.

#5 Create a Lasting Impact in the Community

We honour our commitments to local communities. We are always striving to better the communities we work in, with meaningful social and economic contributions that impact community members and leave a lasting footprint for future generations.

#6 When All is Said and Done, We Care About Our People!

You want to know, WHO is Dumas, WHAT is it that we stand for and WHERE do we stand in your world?

Although we do a fantastic job of satisfying our clients, building mines and breaking ground, at its core, Dumas believes that a team of people with passion, intelligence and dedication can change the world of mining for the better, project-by-project, big or small.

C.Y. Thomas Li​​
C.Y. Thomas Li​​ Chairman – G.L. Tiley & Associates Ltd.
"Dumas is an innovative shaft construction company, they have many years of shaft construction experience and with an excellent track record on construction safety and cost controls.“
Dan Gagnon
Dan Gagnon President and CEO, Gowest Gold Ltd.
Dumas is a professional and dependable mining contractor that provides Gowest Gold with competent personnel to efficiently complete the underground development, the underground construction, and the production mucking at our Bradshaw Deposit. The Dumas team is fully committed to our operational success and have implemented a great culture focused on safe production and the attainment of production goals.
Rob Carter
Rob Carter - Vice President, Manitoba Business Unit, Hudbay Minerals Inc.
Dumas Contracting has been an integral part of Hudbay’s mining team at our Lalor Mine. They have provided a full-service lateral and vertical development advance, construction and mechanical team that works closely with our people, embracing Hudbay’s core values and our “one team one vision” approach to work management. Lalor has transitioned from a base metal mine to a gold operation, and mining of the gold and copper-gold zones at current production rates would not have been possible without the full support of the Dumas team.
Rocky McLellan
Rocky McLellan-​ General Manager North American Underground Operations​
“Major Drilling has partnered with Dumas on multiple projects. The expertise within each company have created a synergy that compliments both groups to provide superior performance for our clients on Projects throughout North America.” 
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