Full Scale Development at Kidd Mine

Full Scale Development at Kidd Mine:
Xstrata Copper

Commodity: Copper (Cu)

Dumas has a long-standing relationship with Xstrata at the Kidd Mine. Since 2002, Dumas has excavated 5,000 meters per year from multiple lateral development headings. Until 2011, Dumas completed 1,000 meters per year of raise work.

The Dumas construction crews have completed many refuge stations, bin rehabilitation projects, manways and miscellaneous construction work at the lower levels of the mine. At 9,600 feet below surface, Dumas worked to drive one of the deepest ramps in the world.

Extreme heat and humidity at the bottom of the mine creates a challenging working environment for all workforces. Dumas continues to overcome these challenges by strict health and safety regimes and practices which have led to over 2 million manhours worked with no lost time injuries.

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