La Colorada
Client: Pan American Silver
Commodity: Silver (Ag)
Ventilation Shaft
Zacatecas, Mexico

Dumas completed the engineering and construction of a 590m deep 5.5m diameter ventilation shaft at the La Colorada Mine. This project provides for enhanced ventilation to the underground environment improving the health and safety of the underground workforce while enabling growth to production at this key property.

We proudly partnered with Pan American Silver and the project was completed safely with 0 Medical Treatment Injuries, 0 Restricted Work Injuries, and 0 Lost Time Injuries. Our Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) of 0.00 and Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) of 0.00 with over 337,000 hours worked displays the outstanding performance at all levels of the project team. This project is a representation of Dumas’ strong safety culture and our commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees.