Client: Fresnillo PLC, Minera Fresnillo S.A.
Commodity: Gold (Au)
Shaft Sinking, Engineering
Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico

Ramp Development

The decline and level development project at the Saucito silver mine in Fresnillo, Mexico consists of potentially more than 19,000 metres of development to increase mine life for the client. This conventionally excavated project started in May 2017, and maintains the utmost adherence to safety and development standards that Dumas is known for world wide.

Maintaining these standards, Dumas has been able to achieve 380 metres of development per month using only one fleet of development gear with the ability to surpass 700 metres per month with a second fleet should the need arise. Dumas has focused on training local employees to bring them to a level of pride of ownership in their tasks with an understanding of the importance of safety and how that plays a role in the Dumas culture.

Twin Ventilation Shaft Development

With mobilization starting in November 2016, the Twin Ventilation Shaft Project at the Saucito Mine consists of two concrete lined shafts with more than 600 combined metres sunk from a ridge overlooking the culturally complex town of Fresnillo, Mexico. Each shaft, dubbed the North and South, are nearly identical in design allowing Dumas to synergize between the solutions developed as problems arise. The shafts boast a modular headframe, winch house, and control room design that can easily be demobilized and mobilized to cut down on setup time and cost.