Client: MARSA, Minera Aurífera Retamas SA
Commodity: Gold (Au)
Shaft Sinking

The site, known as “Cerro El Gigante” which has been explored and exploited steadily for 30 years, is located in “Batolito de Pataz”, part of Marañón geological complex, rich in gold and silver concentrations.

The Mine is located at 3,900 metres above sea level in Llacuabamba, Parcoy district, Pataz Province, Department of La Libertad, on the western flank of the Andes.

Dumas is responsible for the superior shaft excavation (underground head frame), slashing and fortification with bolts, mesh, shotcrete and concrete layer). Crews will also undertake shaft slashing of 4.8 metre excavated and 4.2 metre finished section with a net depth of 758 metres, from 3220 level to Level 2470, under the discharge of main Loading Pocket. Stations and access to the stations will also be excavated.