Construction, Level, Ramp and Vertical Development  at Hoyle Pond Mine

Construction, Level, Ramp and Vertical Development at Hoyle Pond Mine:
Porcupine Gold Mines – Goldcorp Inc

Commodity: Gold (Au)

Over the last decade, Dumas has been one of the primary mining contractors to provide the Hoyle Pond Mine with underground engineering, ramp development, raises, construction and mine services.

Since 1998, Dumas crews have excavated over 15,000 meters of ramp, in excess of 10,000 meters of lateral development and numerous Alimak raising, narrow vein stoping, and timber and open raising activities.

In March 2004, Dumas provided consulting and engineering services for the shaft design used to construct the winze. Two months later, we began the winze project by excavating an internal 4.3 meter by 2.1 meter rectangular shaft from the 1,180 meter level up to the 655 meter level with a mechanized raise climber. The scope of the winze project included:

  • Ramp and drift excavation on multiple levels to access the winze;
  • The excavation of electrical substations, underground hoist room, rope drift, sump, loading pockets, main service bay access, fuel bays and cross-cuts;
  • The installation and commissioning of the hoist, shaft furnishings, service bay crane and ventilation systems; and
  • The construction of refuge stations, chutes, grizzlies and rock breakers.

In 2012 Dumas completed the extension of the winze from the 1180m to the 1390m level using the same methodology as the phase one approach.  Also added was a second set of rockbreaking equipment to handle ore and waste from the lower end of the mine.

Today, Dumas is extending the ramp (4.8 meter x 4.5 meter) from the 1330 meter level to the 1750 meter level and continues to provide a full slate of innovative underground mine contracting services.  The project is currently at 450+ days without a lost time injury. 

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