Lalor Project Production Shaft Sinking Construction activities at the Lalor Project

Lalor Project Production Shaft Sinking:
HudBay Minerals

Commodity: Zinc, Copper, Gold

In April of 2011, Dumas was awarded the contract to sink the production shaft at HudBay Minerals’ Lalor Project.

The scope of the project included sinking of a 6.7 metre diameter concrete lined shaft to a final depth of 1,000 metres. The shaft was sunk “bald” with shaft furnishings installed afterward. 

As part of our scope of activities, Dumas was responsible for engineering deliverables including:

  • hoist and winch arrangements
  • galloway sheave arrangements
  • bucket loading and dump arrangements
  • sinking conveyances
  • electrical
  • all support components

Dumas crews also developed the shaft stations as they were sinking. Located at a remote site 110 kilometres from Flin Flon, Manitoba, this is just one example of the many projects at which Dumas has successfully managed all logistical issues associated with operating in a remote location.


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