Dewatering, Rehab, Development, Raising and Construction Dewatering, Rehab, Development, Raising and Construction at Young Davidson

Dewatering, Rehab, Development, Raising and Construction:
AuRico Gold

Commodity: Gold (Au)

The Young-Davidson gold mine is located near the town of Matachewan, approximately 60 km west of Kirkland Lake in Northern Ontario. Dumas has been onsite continuously since
2006, when we were tasked with dewatering and rehabilitating the mine’s shaft, and replacing the shaft furnishings. We also completed the installation of services, hoist installation, and rehabilitation of the headframe. 

During shaft rehabilitation, Dumas also undertook a concurrent lateral development program that included portal construction, ventilation raises and associated mine construction.


Dumas crews continue to have a significant presence at the mine; our crews are undertaking a comprehensive and complete lateral development program to ore zones and ventilation drifts. We have developed the ramp from surface and are approaching 12,000m of ramp and lateral development at the mine.


Additionally, we undertake all raising on site which amounts to approximately 1,000m per year. Dumas also maintains a construction crew to work on capital projects as needed for the client.


Our production milestones have been accomplished with a dedicated focus on safe work practices which is reflected in our safety record on site. Dumas crews have worked more than six years with no LTIs (2 million man hours).


Dumas is also extremely proud of the educational and long-term employment opportunities that our presence on site has provided for area First Nations. In 2010, Dumas Contracting in partnership with Wabun Tribal Council and Matachewan Aboriginal Access to Mine Jobs Training Strategy Inc. (MAATS) implemented an Aboriginal training program at the mine. Selected candidates were assigned to a trainer who oversaw their basic Common Core Module training, skills and abilities assessment, and tracked their progress over the six month program. We have undertaken three such sessions resulting in long-term employment for many graduates.

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