Equipment Fleet

Dumas maintains the highest quality equipment fleet to meet clients’ needs. We have sufficient capacity within our owned equipment fleet to deliver on shaft, development, raising and construction projects for any operating mine or mine development project.

Typically the equipment required to complete a shaft sinking project is specific to the design and needs of the sinking and final use requirements of the shaft. The procurement of the critical and most capital intensive equipment can be handled by the client, contractor or the project itself (in a target price contract) depending upon total capital outlay, duration of the project and re-market value. Working together with the client, we initially source through internal avenues. That equipment is then supplemented with equipment provided from either rental companies (or leased to purchase) or alternatively, the necessary equipment would be purchased outright from either the original equipment manufacturer or the re-seller of used gear.

With a substantial fleet of rolling stock equipment and well structured and supported relationships with our primary equipment suppliers, no project is too big a challenge for Dumas to undertake. Remanufacturing and preventive maintenance programs ensure that excess capacity is maintained within the fleet to enable a quick response to clients needs.

Mobile Equipment Shaft and Stationary Equipment
Mobile Jumbos Shaft Jumbos
Bolters Shaft Clam Muckers
Long Hole Drills Hoist
Long Tom Drills Sheaves
Shotcreters Winches
Transmixers Ventilation Fans (All types and sizes)
Concrete Pumps Power Distribution Units
Scooptrams Compressors
U/G Haulage Trucks Raise Climber Units
Scissor Lifts Site Trailers
Tractors Rail Equipment Units
Rockbreakers Hand Held Drills
Boomtrucks Concrete Forms and accessories
Dozers Jacklegs
Loaders Sinkers/Pluggers
Utility Vehicles
Fuel Truck