Lac des Iles Shaft Sinking Project:
North American Palladium Ltd.

Commodity: Palladium, Nickel, Copper, Gold, & Platinum group metals

In late 2011, Dumas was awarded the Lac des Iles Shaft Sinking Project, including the set-up, sinking and furnishing of a four-compartment, 6-metre-wide concrete shaft to a depth of 1,500 metres. Owned by North American Palladium, the mine is located on the shore of Lac des Iles near Thunder Bay, Ontario. Capitalizing on the area’s rich mineral resources, the mine focuses on highly sought commodities, namely palladium, nickel, copper and gold. This was the second project that Dumas undertook for North American Palladium; previously we completed the Sleeping Giant (Géant Dormant) Project in Quebec.

Dumas values a strong project start as much as timely completion. The Lac des Iles team demonstrated adaptability and unparalleled expertise, overcoming several initial challenges. In addition to adhering to a compressed work schedule, the team recruited qualified mining personnel amidst a highly competitive labour market, accommodating the particularly remote project location by flying employees in from seven Canadian provinces. The innovative team even facilitated an ahead-of-schedule start to shaft sinking by introducing a temporary portable hoist prior to the client’s permanent hoist becoming available.

Dumas completed more than 600 days at Lac des Iles LTI-free, a testament to our rigorous safety program. Key deliverables included sinking the shaft to its final depth and commissioning the complete shaft including compartments, conveyances and conveyor drift excavation.

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