Turnkey Ramp Project at Perseverance Mine

Turnkey Ramp Project at Perseverance Mine:
Xstrata Zinc

Commodity: Zinc (Zn)

In October 2006, Dumas began a turnkey contract with the portal construction in the harsh weather of northern Quebec. Dumas worked with Xstrata Zinc to bring the mine to the production phase five months ahead of schedule.

The scope of work included excavating 10,000 meters of ramp and associated level development and also included developing numerous raises of various sizes for production and safety exits. Two Dumas construction crews were also responsible for miscellaneous and support work. Our qualified workforce also provided the installation and commissioning of the mine’s ventilation systems including the installation of anchor wire, piping and ground support.

The major challenge of the project was the short time frame and deadline to bring the mine to production. Dumas delivered this project ahead of schedule through its unsurpassed logistical planning, workforce expertise and leading health and safety program.

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