Construction of Roberto Letts Shaft at Andaychagua Construction of Roberto Letts Shaft at Andaychagua

Construction of Roberto Letts Shaft at Andaychagua:
Volcan Compañía Minera

Commodity: Silver, lead, copper and zinc

In November 2011, Dumas commenced work on the construction of Roberto Letts Shaft at Andaychagua, a silver, lead, copper and zinc mine owned by Volcan and located in Yauli, Junin, Peru. This is the second project Dumas has been awarded by Volcan; the first is Jacob Timmers Chungar Shaft, also in Peru.

Scheduled for completion by May 2013, construction activities include 447 metres of excavation involving rubble removal and structural fortification, in addition to 283 metres of excavation of the internal shaft. Progress as of August 2012 includes rehabilitation of the camp site and work stations, and completion of the surface shaft collar construction and interior shaft Galloway installation – all without a lost time incident. Remaining deliverables include a shaft hoisting system, deepening of the shaft, installation of ground support, lining the shaft with molded concrete, and shaft assembly using metallic sets.

Dumas has demonstrated expertise and versatility at Andaychagua, in particular by overcoming significant logistics obstacles such as narrow roadways and working at an altitude of 4,700 metres AMSL. In addition, in less than two months Dumas successfully secured manpower for project start-up and completed on-boarding and training of project employees to a high level of expertise.


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