Rehabilitation of the Manuelita Shaft at Morococha

Rehabilitation of the Manuelita Shaft at Morococha:
Argentum South America – Pan American Silver Peru

Commodity: silver, lead, copper and zinc

In April 2012, Dumas began rehabilitation work on the Manuelita Shaft at Morococha Mine, owned by Argentum and Pan American Silver, located in Yauli, Junin, Peru.

Scheduled for completion by November 2012, the project scope includes mobilization of equipment and personnel, inspection of the shaft, cleaning and repairing sets and wooden guides, repairing the bulkhead of stations in sublevels, installation of brackets and hanging rods, and design and installation of a grid of tight lining.

One key challenge at Morococha is completing the rehabilitation work while the shaft is still in production, and while operating at an altitude of more than 4,700 metres AMSL. Despite these challenges, as of August 2012, Dumas has rehabilitated 83 of 263 sets and has completed more than 45,000 manhours without a lost time incident.

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