Production Shaft Sinking Project at Pinos Altos Galloway Construction at Pinos Altos

Production Shaft Sinking Project at Pinos Altos:
Agnico Eagle

Commodity: Gold (Au), Silver (Ag)

The Pinos Altos mine is located 220 kilometers west of Chihuahua, Mexico. Dumas has been on site since February 2012 and is responsible for the sinking of a 4.9 meter diameter concrete lined shaft to a final depth of 740 meters.

Dumas is undertaking procurement and engineering activities, including:

  • Galloway engineering and procurement
  • Concrete form engineering and procurement
  • Bucket and crosshead engineering and procurement
  • Various support components

Additionally, Dumas crews will perform the development of the shaft stations as they are sinking.

Dumas’ work also involves installing rockbreakers and grizzlies on the 23 Level and a shaft loadout conveyance on the 24 Level.

Challenges / Noteworthy Items

1. Dumas crews successfully unplugged the raise safely with no incidents

2. Project delays were avoided by modifying the pre-excavation sequence 
    and bringing the pre-excavation concrete liner ahead in the schedule,
    the liner was poured from the bottom of the excavation upwards
    by “jumping” or “leap-frogging” the forms up to surface.

3. By utilizing an alimak raise climber to access the galloway during the
    slashing portion of the shaft, Dumas successfully completely
    approximately the first 130 meters of the shaft with this approach.  
    Dumas crews will be working concurrently with the client head frame
    erector under safety bulkheads in the shaft area and the galloway winch

Work is projected to be completed sometime during the spring of 2015.

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