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Vision and Values

Vision and Values

At Dumas, our vision and values are simple and clear. Our vision outlines our future and where we aspire to be as an organization. Our values are the underlying beliefs that guide our behaviour and actions, and support our company in the journey to achieving our vision.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the trusted international provider of world-class underground mining services.

Our Values

We Care.   For employees, health & safety, the environment, and communities; we are all proud to be part of the Dumas team.
We Value Clients.   Think like a client, be pro-active, deliver on commitments, make clients successful, add value, and keep clients informed.
We Shape the Future.   Improve, renew, create, and develop. Be better tomorrow – both as individuals and as a company.
We Work Together.    Teamwork is integral to our culture and behaviour; we set team objectives and celebrate team success.
We Excel.    Be action and results oriented; develop expertise; follow the plan-execute-improve cycle; share best practices.

C.Y. Thomas Li​​
C.Y. Thomas Li​​ Chairman – G.L. Tiley & Associates Ltd.
"Dumas is an innovative shaft construction company, they have many years of shaft construction experience and with an excellent track record on construction safety and cost controls.“
Rob Carter
Rob Carter - Vice President, Manitoba Business Unit, Hudbay Minerals Inc.
Dumas Contracting has been an integral part of Hudbay’s mining team at our Lalor Mine. They have provided a full-service lateral and vertical development advance, construction and mechanical team that works closely with our people, embracing Hudbay’s core values and our “one team one vision” approach to work management. Lalor has transitioned from a base metal mine to a gold operation, and mining of the gold and copper-gold zones at current production rates would not have been possible without the full support of the Dumas team.
Rocky McLellan
Rocky McLellan-​ General Manager North American Underground Operations​
“Major Drilling has partnered with Dumas on multiple projects. The expertise within each company have created a synergy that compliments both groups to provide superior performance for our clients on Projects throughout North America.” 
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